Influences: Since the age of 5 the desire to play piano has been in my blood. I believe that playing music is my destiny.

About Me:
I trained at Berklee College of Music, New York University, as well Manhattan School of Music and achieved a Master of Music Degree.

I teach Jazz as well as classical and pop, with emphasis on technique and theory for any ability and age level. I have been teaching for more than ten years. 

My students accepted Berklee College of Music, LaGuardia High School and City College.  Also her students received perfect scores of NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association (  


Mastering piano is certainly a challenge. It takes time, dedication, discipline and lots of hard work and practice. There are no "genius musicians." Behind any successful artist is a lot of perseverance and dedication to practice.

If one is determined and works hard, one will become a great pianist. I can guarantee it. This approach however, is not for everyone. I also believe that music should be fun. Even if you don't have the ambition to become a professional that's alright. For adults, music can be a wonderful emotional stress reliever. For children the piano can play a part in early childhood development. Learning the piano also provides a sense of great accomplishment for people at all levels of ability.

I will teach you how to play the piano. Its fun!! Playing will not only make you happy, but also your family and friends.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult



  • Freelance teacher, New York, NYMusic TeacherClassical, Jazz, beginner to advanced, adult, theory, technique, tunes, transcribe. [2004]

  • Teacher’s Choice, Queens, NYPiano TeacherTaught classical piano to students ages 5-12 [2006 - 2007]

  • The Piano School of NYC, New York, NYMusic TeacherClassical, ages 3-9 Founded after-school program comprised of group lessons Provided setting in which students can respond to music with dance and improvise movement. [2004 - 2004]

  • Freelance teacher, Tokyo, JapanClassical, Jazz, beginner to advanced, adult, theory, technique, tunes, transcribe. [1991 - 1996]

  • The Roland Music Plus School, Tokyo, JapanTaught synthesizer, MIDI, computer music, training Roland Music School teacher, demonstrator. [1985 - 1987]


  • Graduated, Master of Music in piano performnace (MM), Manhattan School of Music [2004]

Studied With:

  • Bruce Barth [1997 - 2000]

  • David Liebman [2002 - 2004]

  • Kenny Barron [2002 - 2004]

  • Jim McNeely [2000 - 2006]

Seminars and Workshops Attended:

  • BMI Jazz Workshop, BMI [2005]

  • BMI Jazz Workshop, BMI [2006]

  • BMI Jazz Workshop, BMI [2007]


  • Dean’s List - Berklee College of Music [1987]

  • Dean’s List - Berklee College of Music [1988]

  • Dean’s List - Berklee College of Music [1989]

  • Dean’s List - Berklee College of Music [1990]

  • Dean’s List - Berklee College of Music [1991]

  • Dean’s List - Long Island University [1997]

  • Alpha Sigma Lambada - Long Island University [1998]

  • Dean’s List - Long Island University [1998]

  • Dean’s Award - Long Island University [1999]

  • Dean’s Award - Long Island University [1999]

  • Dean’s List - Long Island University [1999]

  • Dean’s List - Long Island University [2000]

  • Dean’s List - Manhattan School of Music [2003]


  • Hiromi Christie Kasuga - "Sophisticated Lady" [2007]

  • Hiromi Kasuga - "New York Callin'" [2008]

  • Hiromi Kasuga-"Rising Sun"[2014]


  • Full-tuition scholarship [1997 - 2000]




 Excellent Teacher  By Leon Axel, 

Starting as an adult beginner, I have been studying piano with Ms Kasuga for three years. She is both an excellent musician and an excellent teacher, and she is very patient and very clear in her explanations and demonstrations. She has helped me to make significant progress in both my piano playing and my understanding of jazz and music in general. I can recommend her very highly to anyone interested in studying the piano.

An excellent accomplished teacher - By Benjamin, 

Hiromi helped me understand and play what I had only watched before with no expectation I could ever play myself. . Her teaching is patient, supportive, at the speed of the students ability to absorb information, helpful for learning how to practice and play, and relaxed. I was amazed at how fast I learned with her instruction. I recommend her highly for anyone from 3 to 93 who wants to play the piano.

Excellent Teacher By Yoko  Inaizumi

Learning any kind of musical instrument or musical style can be a challenge especially for someone like myself who has passed those precious impressionable formative years when acquiring a new skill was much easier.

I believe the essential theory and method that Hiromi provides gives the student the training and direction needed to learn and excel in Jazz piano. 

Hiromi gave me a chance to acquire a wonderful lifetime hobby.

Thank you Hiromi, and I'm looking forward to our next lesson!

Recommended Teacher - By Tian Wu 

I have had the chance to study under a few different teachers over the course of my brief foray into piano and, given the different styles I have been exposed to, I rate my instructors based on the following categories:

Flexibility - Hiromi is very flexible in terms of course structure as well as lesson times. I have had to reschedule my lessons on several occasions to another date and she was able to accommodate by providing convenient times.

Technical Proficiency - Her mastery of the piano is top notch. Most of the music I study are not based on her curriculum but rather pieces that I bring to the lesson. Having never seen or played most of the pieces previously, she is still able to provide instructions on how to play the piece and play it herself to show how it should sound.

Teaching Method - She requires the student to maintain a consistent level of practice and will assign enough work for the week based on the expected available time for this purpose. During the lesson, she will consistently work with the student to ensure that even minor mistakes are corrected to ensure they do not become accustomed to erroneous methods.

Overall, I would highly recommend her as an instructor whether you are learning to play as a hobby or would like to start a career as a pianist.

Motivating  By Helen Evans,

As a student returning to the piano after many years of absence I have found Hiromi to be an excellent and motivating teacher. After only six months studying with Hiromi I have made significant progress especially in areas such as sight reading, expression and interpretation. I always look forward to my weekly lessons.

Performance Artist / Gifted Teacher - August 22, 2011 By Ron Maday, 

Although a jazz musician, I have been a student of Hiromi since late 2010 in a continuing effort to develop my craft. In searching for a teaching resource, I was aware that outstanding performance artists are not necessarily the best teachers. Hiromi is an exception to that rule because she is both an extraordinary artist and a gifted teacher.

Hiromi's students range from beginner to advanced. As a trained classical and jazz pianist she has the unique ability to assess her student's needs and to communicate concepts of musical theory and practice in a clear, logical and understandable way. If you are seeking to experience the personal joy of playing music or if, like me, your desire is to develop the skills to work with other musicians as an entertainer you could find no better means to accomplish your goal than as a student of Hiromi.

Jazz basic Piano Lesson 1

Jazz Basic Piano Lesson 2,

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